Our helmet

Our Jedfix® orthopedic helmet was imagined with the intention of creating a more efficient, lightweight and comfortable product for your baby's head.

Each helmet is completely custom made taking into account age, head circumference, and type of cranial deformity. We obtain the model of your baby's head quickly and non-invasively by means of a 3D scan with light-based technology, harmless to your baby.

We use cutting-edge technology and only the best materials to offer you a hypoallergenic, ergonomic, lightweight and impact resistant product in just 7 business days or less, without the need to wait for long times or pay large amounts of money for imports or trips abroad to follow up the treatment.

The Jedfix® cranial orthosis respects the anthropometric proportions of the head so that it does not interfere with the natural growth of the brain and does not produce functional alterations, that is, it does not affect in any way the development of your baby and, most importantly, its results are maintained over time.

  • Hypoallergenic materials high quality for the most sensitive skins.
  • Custom made for each patient for a more effective treatment.
  • Lighter design so it does not interfere with your baby's daily activities.
  • Non-invasive molding using light-based 3D scanning instead of plaster.
  • Impact resistance that provides extra protection for your baby.
  • More open design to keep your baby cooler and more comfortable.

Frequent questions


What is it for?

Helmet therapy is used to gently correct the shape of the skull of babies over time. Newborn baby skulls are soft plates with spaces between them. As the baby grows, these plates gradually grow, harden and coalesce.


Is my child a candidate for helmet therapy?

If your child is diagnosed with deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, or scaphocephaly and is less than 12 months old, a cranial reshaping may be prescribed to correct the shape of the baby's head. Helmets must be prescribed by a licensed physician.


How does wearing a helmet correct my child's head?

Cranial reshaping helmets are usually made of a hard outer shell with a foam lining. Gentle and persistent pressure is applied to capture the natural growth of a baby's head while inhibiting growth in prominent areas and allowing growth in flat regions.


Does my child need to wear a helmet all day?

Yes. The idea behind the helmet is that it is worn 23 hours a day. It can be removed during bathing. The rest of the time, your baby should be constantly in the helmet, whether it be playing, sleeping or feeding. This can be shocking to hear as a parent, as you think of your baby spending his forming months wearing a helmet.


How long will my child wear a helmet?

The average treatment with a helmet is usually three months, but the length of treatment will depend on the age of your child and the severity of the condition. Frequent and careful monitoring is required to ensure that the skull is reshaping itself properly.


How often will I have to see the doctor while my child is receiving helmet therapy?

The frequency of follow-up visits depends on the severity of the baby's condition. While a shaping helmet is being fitted on your baby and adjustments are being made, you will make several regular visits to the company that supplies the helmet. On average visits are scheduled every 3 weeks.

Patient experience

¿How is the treatment process?
When your family decides to work with Tridimed, we will make an effort to start your baby's treatment as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Contact us!

Contact us using our online form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to help you schedule a free evaluation of your baby's head shape at the Tridimed clinic or you can call us at (662) 227 7390.

Step 2: get a prescription from your baby's doctor

While a prescription will not be required to validate your free evaluation, the helmet is a medical device that requires a prescription from your pediatrician or primary care physician; This will assess your baby's condition, determine if your baby is a candidate for helmet treatment, and provide you with the information you need to decide what is best for your baby.

Step 3: free evaluation appointment

During your visit, we will acquire detailed computer images of the shape of your baby's head through our 3D scanner. Then, we will assess your baby’s condition by identifying your baby’s type of deformity and determining its severity.

Step 4: making the orthopedic helmet

Your baby's orthopedic helmet will be created using our cutting edge technology and well-trained staff. Each helmet undergoes a rigorous quality inspection before leaving the facility.

Step 5: custom fit appointment

In 7-10 days, your baby's helmet will be ready to put on. We will carefully check the fit, if necessary, further customize the band at the appointment. We will provide information on use and care, make sure all your questions are answered, and that you are fully prepared to share this information with anyone else caring for your baby (mom, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters, daycare, employees, etc.).

Step 6: progress and growth adjustment appointments

Depending on the age of your baby, progress will be monitored every 3 to 4 weeks and growth adjustments will be made throughout treatment.

Step 7: graduation!

When it is determined in conjunction with the parents that the desired results have been achieved, another 3D image of the shape of your baby's head will be taken to show the overall improvement throughout the treatment.

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If you would like to know the severity of your baby's condition, you can schedule an appointment to receive a free head evaluation and thus assess the urgency of using a corrective helmet.

It is usually best to start at an early age. However, time should not be the main concern. Instead, it is more important that your child has the help he needs.