Shipping and return policies

  1. National and international law firms

We ship to the entire territory of the Mexican Republic through, and with the guarantee of security, coverage and quality of service, from Federal Express Holdings México y Compañía, S.N.C de C.V. (onwards " FedEx").

  1. Delivery times

Generally, orders are delivered to FedEx parcel within 1 to 2 business days after the order is confirmed. Once delivered to the logistics operator, you will receive the order within a period of no more than 7 business days.

  1. Terms of delivery time

It's important to put attention on:

  • The delivery promise agreed by us begins to run from the approval of the order, which is notified via email.
  • If the order is made from Monday to Friday, the first business day is the day you receive the confirmation of said order and from that day the delivery time will count.
  • If the order is placed on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the delivery time is available from the next business day after the confirmation of your order.
  • Similarly, it should be noted that only orders that occur before 2:00 pm count as the same day; all requests that occur after 2:00 p.m. it will be counted towards your official delivery time from the next day.

  1. Order Status

Once their order has been sent, the customer will receive an email informing that it has already been delivered to the carrier, including the shipping guide number with which they can track their order and obtain information about its status from the website of FedEx. (

  1. Shipping costs

Shipping of orders is free to the entire Mexican territory including minor adjustments and corrections previously approved by our work team. For international shipments and / or major correction orders, the cost of shipping will be determined in each particular case depending on the destination, weight and volume of the package. This value will be calculated and the customer will be informed at the time of settlement of the order, before making the payment.

  1. Claims and Returns
  • The customer agrees to provide a valid address that can be found within the Mexican Republic where the order can be delivered. In the event that the customer provides an address that is not located by the parcel, any other additional cost will be covered by the customer himself.
  • All shipments made by us are perfectly packaged, in case your order is delivered with physical damage by the parcel, you must add a note when signing the manifest to the parcel service employee indicating that the package shows signs of abuse (Box opened, beaten, perforated, wet, stuffed, etc.) Without this annotation you receive the package accordingly. If the parcel service employee does not allow you to write down on the delivery manifest you should NOT receive the package.
  • If you suspect that the box that the parcel service employee is giving you does not contain what you bought either because of the weight or size of the packaging, you should NOT receive it indicating the reasons to the parcel service employee and you must report it with us immediately to clarify your order.
  • Once the package is received by you or someone at the delivery address, you have 24 hours to report anomalies due to physical damage or missing in your order to the support line (662) 227 7390, after this period no change or claim.